About Me

The short answer…

I am a 30-something teacher living in Central Florida. I’m a veteran teacher and I absolute love teaching middle school math. My passion is working with gifted students. I’m also a delightfully nerdy, book-obsessed, cupcake junkie.

The common core answer….

I have my BS in Elementary Education with a focus in Early Childhood Education. I have my MS in Curriculum and Instruction.  I have been teaching for a decade (excuse me while I go hyperventilate into a paper bag). I spent 2 years teaching third grade and the rest of my time has been spent teaching middle school mathematics. I took a teaching job in Central Florida in 2013 and moved from Northeast Pennsylvania to the “House of the Mouse”. I absolutely love teaching, and even on the days when I think I just can’t do it anymore, my students find some way of reminding me what an amazing career I have. Working with gifted students has become a passion project of mine.

My students are shocked to find out I have a life outside of the classroom (as evident from their facial expressions when they see me at Downtown Disney or Wal-Mart). I read. A lot. A whole lot. I bake cupcakes and feed my coworkers lots of junk food. I have a ridiculous dog and we enjoy spending weekend mornings at the park. I (try to) make time for the gym and practice yoga.

The visual representation answer…

Kids lack the common sense to lie when asked to describe a person, so I’ll let my middle school students tell you about me. As a teacher, I ask my students to rate and review both my class and me. Gotta say, they don’t disappoint.  Once I remove “Miss” “Ms” and “Wallace”, the portrait is rather flattering.

My personal favorite is that spunky made it’s way in there. Totally awesome.

So, I started this blog for a myriad of confused, muddled reasons. There’s going to be some observations on teaching, and teaching in Florida. There will be some ideas for working with gifted kids or teaching mathematics. There might even be some completely random personal posts. Maybe I’ll throw in a cupcake recipe every now and again.

Whatever post you end up reading, I hope you find something that makes you laugh. If you do, say something nice about it in the comments or share it with a friend.

xoxo, Steph


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