Just Keep Swimming…


So I recently started my new job teaching 6th Grade Math.  And I love it.  After a year of unemployment, I’m grateful to have it, and I’d love it regardless.  But it’s an added bonus that I actually love my job, the content I’m teaching, and the lovely school I’ve ended up at.

That being said… I had the *worst* first day.  Honestly, it wouldn’t have been that bad, except I started the day by spilling tea on my blouse.  My white lace blouse.  That I love.  Oh, and I spilled the tea all over the first day paperwork I had to pass out to my students.  So… yeah.  It was down hill from there.  All those little things that normally wouldn’t have bothered me became mountains instead of mole hills. (Who has ever seen a mole hill, really?  They could be huge for all I know.)

So I got through my day and went home.  Pouty and miserable, my darling boyfriend suggested we go to the pool in our apartment complex.  Once there, he suggests I cannonball into the pool.

Cannonballs into a pool fixes everything.  In case you were wondering.

Since then, I have gone to the pool nearly every day for at least a few minutes.  After 9 years of teaching, I am finally mastering the art of floating, not swimming.  It was only last year I finally gave up the ghost of “Oh-but-I’ll-do-this-while-I-watch-TV-at-home”.  No you won’t.  It’ll sit in your teaching bag right by the door all night, and you’ll just take it back to school in the morning.  Now, thanks to my darling boyfriend and super-cool apartment complex, I can actually unwind each day.

Moral of the story?  Sometimes you need to stop swimming and just soak up the sun. 🙂